Choosing pretty rugs fashioned from luxurious cashmere

Soft and warm, cashmere products are popular for the cosiness they offer. Moreover, its not limited to garments for you only – home décor accessories are also available. Cashmere rugs are just the perfect example. Throw it over your cushions or use it as a blanket, the versatility makes it a good choice.  

Wool from a certain breed of goats goes into making cashmere. Do you often wonder why it is so costly? The reason is – it takes the wool, sheared from a goat in four seasons, to make a single item. The rarity of the material makes these pieces so expensive. If it was as easily available as other wools, this could never happen.

The colours of cashmere vary from white to grey to browns. However, you need not worry about a limited colour palette. Use of dyes brings in myriad hues to these rugs. You can opt for solid coloured ones or the ones with checks or weaves. This depends on the interior décor of your home and your taste as well.

When you go out to buy cashmere rugs, the most important deciding factor is softness. The genuine pieces are super fine and therefore very soft. The wool for these comes from the underbelly and throat of the goats. Feel the fabric – blends are not as soft as original cashmere. The feel of it helps you decide on what to buy.
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Buying original cashmere is a bit too heavy on the pocket. However, it is a better option to invest in one, qualitatively it is the best and thus the expense is quite justified. Exuding natural warmth, the comfort is just one factor. The style statement it makes is another. Cashmere has always been on the favourite list of generations.

If you take good care of your rug, it is sure to last a lifetime. Hand wash is the right way to clean these. You can use mild shampoo to clear away the dirt. It is best to go for professional cleaning if there is a particularly difficult stain to remove. Opt for dry wash only if it is recommended. 
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Choosing pretty rugs fashioned from luxurious cashmere
Choosing pretty rugs fashioned from luxurious cashmere
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