Would You Wear An Engagement Ring that You Saw in a Film?

Earlier this year, an engagement ring was brought out by the merchandising team behind the phenomenal success that is the Twilight saga.  Putting aside arguments about shameless consumerism, this got me wondering whether anyone would choose to wear such an engagement ring?
The engagement ring is a symbol of your promise to marry – a lasting and physical reminder of your love.  Do you want this cherished possession to be associated with a movie that years down the line you are unlikely to care about?  And that you might even be embarrassed about?
So, what should you look for in an engagement ring?

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Your ring should be a lasting reminder of your love for your husband-to-be.  While it has become traditional to wear a diamond, there are no rules that say it has to be.  Indeed, this custom began as a marketing tactic, so you should choose whatever you feel comfortable with.
While the Twilight engagement ring is a massive gold oval embedded with diamonds, you should only choose an ostentatious style if it suits your personality. 
Traditional ladies might prefer old-fashioned styles, or even antique rings.  Modern and chic women might like simple and classic styles.  Creative and quirky types may choose an unusual cut of diamond, such as a pear shape, a twisted band or an unusual material for their ring.
There are many different guides to buying the perfect ring available, but my advice is simple:  Choose something that you can afford, that you like and try lots of rings on before deciding. 
If the Twilight ring is everything that you ever wanted then wear it with pride.  But if you’re just in love with the story and like the idea of playing out the roles of Bella and Edward in your relationship, maybe look again.  After all, you want something that suits your love story, not theirs.
Chloe Watts works for Portfolio of Fine Diamonds, an online retailer selling an exclusive range of one-off diamond engagement rings and platinum engagement rings.
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Would You Wear An Engagement Ring that You Saw in a Film?
Would You Wear An Engagement Ring that You Saw in a Film?
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