5 Insane But True Things About Shopping

In a society where consumerism is encouraged, compulsive shopping is even treated as a joke. Presently, compulsive buying is being considered as a personality disorder. People buy, buy, buy items that end up piled in the attic and later sold in the annual garage sale. Unused blouses, bags, even make ups or what have you, originally bought using high interest rated credit cards are disposed of at give away prices. It is insane as you pay on debts for items bought which were never used.
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Buying bargain items near expiry dates. Buying discounted items, especially grocery stuff can sometimes cost you more. For the 50-70% off for a pack of vegetables or canned goods, you buy double. The trick is, consume all of it before the best before date arrives. Most likely, it will not happen. Crazy, because the “savings” supposedly gained is simply discarded into the bin.
More expensive is better quality MYTH. In many ways, branded buys in the past were proven more reliable and lasts longer, like branded shoes are more expensive. But this is not true all the way. A little diligence and research will reveal highly useful good quality items that are not expensive. There are start up businesses who introduce products at lower than average price to break into the market. They are virtually unknown and would not command high price. They would also make sure their products are of very good quality. Find and try one.
Being fashionable is good but is not always financially wise and practical. Wearing an expensive newly introduced design of a cardigan or blouse may only be worn once, and never get to be used again. What is the reason? That design is no longer in fashion and will not come back till the next 10 years, by then the design is the same but the material used is different.
Go healthy, wholesome and simple - and discover only 10% or less of items found in grocery stores are really of good use. The rest are unnecessary if not outright bad. A vegetarian living healthy, wholesome and simple lifestyle buying only chemical, fertilizer, pesticide, msg, artificial food color, artificial flavoring and GMO FREE products, aiming to get only down-to-earth use of basic essentials, will end up walking and peeking in the very limited section of these shops.
The rest of the items found in the store will just be categorized junks. For example, there is no need to visit the canned goods section if the goal is NAFA feeding for the family. NAFA is no artificial food additives or preservatives. It will save precious time going directly to the fresh food section- altogether avoiding the junk foods section of chips and chemical-laden juices. What about cleaning products harmful to the environment? No need to mention.
Visits to department stores will be very limited to the basic ESSENTIALS rather than what is fashionable. Good fashion for people who want simple, wholesome lifestyle can be out-of-fashion, the items they are looking for could not be readily found. They would intentionally choose products from hair essentials to clothing and accessories made of organic or natural materials rather than synthetically produced. But this is temporary, the trend now is going back to basics and to nature- helping mother earth recover its wholeness and health too.

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5 Insane But True Things About Shopping
5 Insane But True Things About Shopping
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