Tips for the discerning countryside lover

There is surely nothing better than enjoying the sunshine and beauty of the English countryside. Whether walking, cycling, horse riding or partaking in more adrenalin fuelled sports such as zorbing or mountain boarding, the countryside really does offer it all. And after all that activity? A country pub or tea rooms can help refill those engines.
However, its not all sunshine - literally. Whilst the countryside offers a plethora of activities, or simply a place to relax and rewind after a busy day in the office, it is not without its drawbacks. As most of us are aware, the English climate is not all heat waves and ice creams, rain and/or wind are often on the menu.

Just because the weather isn't perfect does not mean that people want to stay indoors. In fact, country based pleasures like shooting, rock climbing, rafting, rambling or potholing often involve getting a little wet. As such, the best way to combat the weather is to be prepared as the old Scout motto suggests.
The most important product needed when enjoying the pursuits that rural areas have to offer is a sturdy and preferably waterproof pair of shoes or boots. No-one likes getting wet feet, or walking around with wet feet for hours on end. Along the same lines, a waterproof and windproof mens coats is essential, as is a pair of Regatta waterproof trousers. Keeping the rain out is vital to stop chills and allows you to enjoy the scenery the countryside has to offer, without that soggy feeling.
Underneath waterproof gear, make sure to layer clothing - after all the weather can be unpredictable, particularly in moor or mountainous regions. One minute the sun can be shining, whilst at the blink of an eye, heavy rain can come in. Layering allows the most discerning of countryside lovers to be prepared for all eventualities. On the clothing theme, ensure you have an appropriate hat to protect against the weather conditions. It is thought that a high proportion of body heat can be lost through the head, so on colder days a thermal or trapper style hat could prove necessary. Meanwhile, on sunny days, a baseball cap or peaked hat can provide relief against sunstroke.
Whatever countryside pursuit you enjoy, whether it is adrenalin fuelled or more relaxed, there is always the opportunity to get injured or become lost. Negative as this may sound, if we are carrying on the 'be prepared' motto, it is important to take a couple of supplies with you, such as a bottle of water and a sweet source - Kendal mint cake for those who remember it!

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Tips for the discerning countryside lover
Tips for the discerning countryside lover
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