Tacori Rings Are Best For Engagement And Wedding

Best For Engagement And Wedding

It is a family owned jewelry design firm in California. Its jewelries are retailed all over Canada and United States. The brand gained popularity for making elegant, vintage-inspired and contemporary designs.

Tacori Rings

An introduction to Tacori

No marriage is complete without engagement rings. So, if you are looking for your engagement ring Tacori rings must be your choice. Tacori is a popular jewelry designer in American renowned for making diamond and platinum bridal jewelry. It is a family owned jewelry design firm in California. Its jewelries are retailed all over Canada and United States. The brand gained popularity for making elegant, vintage-inspired and contemporary designs.

History of Tacori

The jewelry firm was established in 1969 by Haig Tacorian and Gilda, his wife after relocating from Europe to California. Their children as well as their other relatives joined in their business of later on. The rings became popular and gained world-wide recognition only after 2000 because there was a press coverage of their company as their ring was featured on the television show 'Friends'. It was the jewelry piece which Chandler presented to Monica at the time of proposal. It was also the ring that was presented by Ryan Sutter to Trista Rehn on The Bachelorette's first season.

What makes Tacori rings popular?
Tacori engagement rings come up in an extensive range of designs and styles, from uncomplicated, archetypal settings to elaborate and intricate contemporary creations. Each of the pieces has only one thing in common. It is the Tacori's commitment to making elegant and finer quality, irrespective of the various designs. Tacori even takes care of every individual's needs and gives the best effort to live up to every client's satisfaction and expectation.

Tacori ring styles
Tacori rings come up in different styles. However, the most prominent feature of these rings is that they have flexible designs and can be easily modified keeping in mind the definite form and dimension of the center stone.
The metals used in these jewelry pieces are of high quality. A Tacori can be located in either platinum and 22 or 18k yellow gold or in 18 karat white gold. However, a Tacori in 18 karat white gold is not a good choice because the white luster is inferior to platinum. The rhodium varnish also wears off gradually leaving a tinge of yellow color on the jewelry item. This has always been a drawback for white gold Tacori wedding or engagement rings. The platinum over there actually shuns it. When it comes to durability, Platinum is suited for regular use and is more resilient.
The brand generally makes engagement rings by amalgamating platinum and yellow gold, using gold for an elaborate intonation or adornment. This makes the ring more delicate. However, Tacori platinum engagement rings are also available. In that piece of jewelry, 5% iridium and 95% platinum is used.
When it comes to the stones, Tacori makes use of diamonds that are part of the VS or G or a better diamond. Thus the diamonds set in the engagement rings are of high quality. If you want you can get a Tacori ring without the middle stone. The only thing is that you need to ensure that you have given the correct measurements and dimensions for a perfect fit in that particular setting so that you can make use of the loose diamond, which you've purchased. A skilled jeweler very well knows how to calculate the measurements of diamond.

A. Jaffe rings are also a good choice for engagement
A.Jaffe is also a name in the bridal jewelry industry. So, if you want, you can also select the ring of your choice from a wide range of designs and styles that are available with A.Jaffe. This jewelry brand has been making bridal rings since 1982. Each of the A.Jaffe engagement rings has been a tradition of excellence and eminence. Their unique designs hold both a piece of cutting-edge inspiration and historical heritage these designs actually reflect the craftsmanship of finest artisans in the jewelry industry.
You can choose A. Jaffe rings for your engagement from a wide variety of designs, which include three stone, solitaire, shared prong pave and channel set. Each ring is even crafted with utmost precision. During the time of production, the rings are inspected carefully, either under 10 X magnifications or visually.

Opt for Indian jewelry to get a unique look
Indian jewelry is popular throughout the world for its ethnic craftsmanship and variety. Each of their contemporary jewelries has a touch of their ancient times jewelry pieces with a touch of brilliant artistry. The different styles of jewelry that are in high demand all over the world include studded necklace and earring sets, pendant and earring sets, gold necklaces along with matching earring sets with a antique touch, and necklaces and earring sets of kundan.
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Tacori Rings Are Best For Engagement And Wedding
Tacori Rings Are Best For Engagement And Wedding
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