Be trendy with few changes in apparel

Trendy Fashion
Fashion does not always mean costly garments. To prove that you are fashion conscious you do not have to follow others. You do not have to change your wardrobe often following latest trends. You can look trendy and smart, mix and matching existing dresses in your wardrobe.

Let’s find out how you can be chic spending only few bucks.

You can play with colors and experiment with your regular dresses to look different. If you like soft and nude colors you can try a designer tie. A tie can really create wonder. You do not have to invest much to purchase a tie but it will give your simple dress a fresh look.

Most of the time men do not use tie pins and these are often kept in drawers. You can take out yours and use it for a change. It is sure nobody will miss a nice pin over a vibrant tie.

You can try something in dark colors. If most of your collections are in light colors, a dark colored shirt will easily grab attention of others. It can also be a nice break from monotony.

While chances of experiments are limited incase of formal attire; opportunity is high for casual dresses. You can give your familiar jeans a new look by painting or scratching it. You can wear funky shirt or t-shirt over the jeans. To be bit different you can select a different graphics or slogan for your tees.

Accessories can also create difference. Funky jewellery for men is great. You do not have to invest much for these. But if matched well these really look good.

Now the question is where to get a nice tie or some contemporary jewellery. There are many online stores for Designer menswear. Pick up your choices from these sites and set your own style.
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Be trendy with few changes in apparel
Be trendy with few changes in apparel
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