Don’t be a fashion disaster!

Being man doesn’t mean that whatever you wear will suit you. You need to be careful enough to save yourself from being a fashion disaster. As the fashion world rules goes it is not only for the women to follow but also for the men to follow as well. So it is important to keep your eyes and mind open about what you are wearing.

If you have limited choice, within that you can make your choice. You only require following certain tips on men’s clothing to keep your fashion statement quite acceptable.

Things not to wear –
Following tips are providing to guide you about what not to wear:- 

  • Just don’t wear whatever you have in your wardrobe. Whether you are going for professional outing or for the casual one, be a bit careful about your dress. For instance, most of the men have a habit of wearing skinny jeans. It is the worse fashion statement that one can make. These skinny jeans look more feminine in nature rather than providing masculine look. It is highly advisable for those men who have a long-limbed figure.

  • If you have cowboy hat from your graduation life, keep it aside. Using it in your professional life will seriously make you look a fool like. Many men have a habit of using bolos. Avoid using it. Nowadays it is not considered as fashion statement.

  • Similarly for casual dress, polo shirts don’t always suit the situation. It’s only suitable for specific seasons.

  • If you are thinking of wearing a jacket, make sure you choose the appropriate one. It should fit well with your physic. Actually the style of jackets depends upon the brand as the entire branded jacket will not suit you. In that case, you can choose brand like Penfield where you may get your choice.

  • As per as professional dress code, always choose well tailored suits. For official purpose, choose dark shaded coloured suits. Otherwise, light shaded are acceptable for parties and other occasions. With suit, choose the appropriate shirt that will go well with your entire look. 
How to know more?
Apart from these tips, fashion magazines and blogs are there to guide you in this regard. Not only is that, designers are there to guide you professionally.
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Don’t be a fashion disaster!
Don’t be a fashion disaster!
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