Essentials of Formal Dressing for Women

The invite specifies formal wear, and you do not know what to wear. Is this situation familiar? What you need to do is brush up on your knowledge of formal wear for women and you are sure to succeed. After all, a little knowledge is always a good idea to begin with when you are out to spend your money on the right dress.

What are the points you cannot miss when it comes to formal wear? The code for men is quite simple. Here is an update on some essentials you cannot disregard when it comes to formal dressing for women.

The length needs to be at least to your ankle, if not floor length. If you think, it is too conservative for your tastes, experiment a little. Opt for an ankle length dress with a high side slit, or if you are in super experimental mood, select the hi-low dresses (with a shorter skirt in the front and a long train at the back).

Designer Formal Gowns

Strapless designer formal gowns with a sweetheart neckline may look beautiful. However, if the invite mentions the venue to be a church or somewhere traditional, it is better to take a wrap to cover your shoulders and upper arms.

The cut of your dress is another important factor to consider. Accentuating your beautiful features and concealing your not-so-good ones is the objective here. For example, a mermaid silhouette would look good on an hourglass figure. However, a dress revealing too much may not be good for a formal event.

Next is the fabric for the dress, and it needs to be expensive. Soft materials like chiffon tend to cling, and it is better to opt for it if you have a good figure to flaunt. Materials like satin and silk provide structure, and suits all body types.

The colour selection comes next. The colour that brightens your skin tone, and brings a glow is the right one. Make sure it complements your eye and hair colour. Black works well for evening occasions, but not for weddings. Solid colours are always good, but prints are making a comeback. 
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Essentials of Formal Dressing for Women
Essentials of Formal Dressing for Women
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