UGG boots and their enduring popularity

It may surprise you to hear that in fact, the first Ugg boot was actually created some 200 years ago. However it wasn't until only a few years ago that they became really popular in the mainstream shoe market.

UGG Boots
Since then, they have taken off; creating their own global phenomenon. They were created by Australians originally, and although the official Ugg boot brand still remains highly popular, most high-street chains have created their own copies of the ubiquitous boot.

Some have speculated why the boots are so popular, however, as they are very hot and can make for smelly feet. There are myriad pros and cons of the Ugg, but here are some of the reasons why lovers of this woolly boot are so enamoured with it.

Many have cited "inadequate competition" as the reason for Uggs' enduring popularity. There simply is no other boot that is as fashionable as the Ugg; nor any that keeps feet quite as toasty. They look great with all manner of outfits; from dresses and skirts to trousers or shorts. They come in many different colours, styles, shapes etc., which also means wearers can choose the kind that best reflects their personality. They even come with matching accessories - like Ugg bags - meaning lovers of the brand can base an entire outfit on Ugg.

They are fairly sturdy, the original kind, which means they last a long time; seeing out winters better than any of their cheap equivalents. Lastly, the Ugg has built up a reputation for being a luxury item. They are 'the thing' to be seen with, which means schoolchildren and broke students alike consistently beg their parents to lend them the £100 required (minimum) to invest in a pair.
What are the cons to these boots, however? Well, they have been associated with making feet a lot smellier and for some, they are simply too warm. Some scientists have said they can mis-shape feet too, although since when have women paid attention to the dangers pretty shoes can have on their bodies?

All in all, it seems the Ugg boot is here to stay - despite any minor glitches in their design.

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UGG boots and their enduring popularity
UGG boots and their enduring popularity
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