New York: The Fashion Capital

If anybody is asked which city embodies American style, the obvious answer that can be expected is New York City. It is not called the ‘Fashion Capital’ without any reason. It is in this city where innovation, glamour and fashion find their absolute meaning. It will not be an exaggeration to say that it is in NYC that fashion ideas take root. NYC defines the fashion trends and the world follows. No matter which aspect of fashion you are talking about, you simply can’t leave out New York City in your discussion. It is rightly said that the creative energy found here is hard to find in any other part of the globe.

Fashion Capital 

If you are wondering why the city is called the fashion capital of the world, the answer is simple. The talented designers of the world are concentrated in this city. NYC is home to many fashion design schools which ensure that fresh flow of fashion ideas never come to an end. This is the reason that New York City is able to maintain its position in the forefront of style innovation. You will never see two styles alike.

Though you will notice that fashion activities take place in different parts of the city but the Garment Center in Manhattan can be called the heart of the NYC fashion industry. It is in Manhattan where you will find end number of garment showrooms. Major brands are also concentrated in this area. From design to production, this garment center caters to every single aspect of fashion process.  

No wonder then that New York Fashion Week stands second to none. Whether it is Spring/Summer Fashion Week or Fall/Winter Fashion Week, NYC is sure to rule the fashion world.

2011 Spring Fashion Week was no exception. Alive, exuberant and vibrant – these are probably the right words to describe spring 2011 collections. The dresses designed by the industry leaders demonstrated how color can be synonymous, how black and white pieces can come together to create magic, how solid prints and bold colors can be combined to create a brave fashion statement. It is not surprising that NYC spring fashion week showcased some of the most interesting concepts that are going to rule 2011 fashion world.

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New York: The Fashion Capital
New York: The Fashion Capital
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