Care for Cashmere Cardigans

The word Cashmere evokes a sense of luxury. Cashmere is all about the feel. Whether it is a scarf or a cardigan, buying Cashmere means you are going to treasure it for a lifetime. People with an eye for beauty know well how valuable Cashmere can be. It is not only popular for its warmth and comfort. But people are crazy about Cashmere because of its elegant look. It is expensive but when you buy Cashmere you buy it for life time because obtained from cashmere goats Cashmere is very durable. But if you don’t take proper care of it, it will be damaged.

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Cashmere cardigans are expensive. Off course you want it to remain beautiful for the rest of your life. Hence you need to take regular care of it. Otherwise it will loose its appeal. The best and easiest way to take care of the Cashmere garments is to follow the instructions written on the label women’s or men’s cashmere clothing and accessories. These instructions will tell you how to take care of the garments.

One of the common instructions is to dry clean your Cashmere cardigans . If you go for a professional dry cleaner make sure he uses liquid CO2 and not perc to clean the cardigan because perc is harmful for your health and also for the environment.

However dry cleaning is not absolutely necessary. You can clean the Cashmere clothing the way you clean your other woolen clothes. Just keep in mind that harsh chemicals are harmful for Cashmere. Don’t use harsh detergent for cleaning your Cashmere clothes or accessories. Another ting to remember is that you should not use heat on it because heat makes the fibers loose their shape.   

If you feel the stain can not b removed easily you can use detergent but it should be very mild. You need to keep the detergent highly diluted. It will ensure that the fibers don’t loose the softness. Instead of detergent you can also use baby shampoo. Never rub the cardigan and make sure you wash it in cool water. Always handle Cashmere gently so that it lasts long and doesn’t loose its comfort, softness and appeal. 
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Care for Cashmere Cardigans
Care for Cashmere Cardigans
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