Jewellery ideas for winter 2010

With the crisp winter frosts and shimmering snow upon us in recent weeks, winter fashion is all about layering with vintage pieces interspersed with a modern twist. To stand out from the crowd, signature pieces of chunky jewellery can complement your winter wardrobe.
To rock a vintage look, bold costume jewellery or pearls work well. Avoid bright raucous colours in winter and stick with silver, antique golds, creams, aubergines, blacks, blues and deeper colours to avoid looking washed out. Larger pearl necklaces, a bead charm bracelet and chunky cut gemstones look good with over-sized knits, Russian-esque fur hats, skinny jeans and the ubiquitous UGG boots for a casual look. Meanwhile, such jewellery can be dressed up with a this season's must have lace dress and Mary Jane's.

Brooches are also back in fashion this winter and look fantastic pinned onto a jumper or coat lapel. Vintage medal styles for the military chic look are most popular and look best in ruby, emerald and gold colours to jazz up any outerwear.
As with necklaces and bracelets, chunky is definitely in vogue when it comes to earing's. Tiered styles, the bigger and longer the better are of the moment but avoid ostentatious colours and styles as the Pat Butcher look is not one to be desired. Instead, stick to teardrop, vintage chandelier or pearl beaded numbers.
Statement rings in floral styles can be worn to complement the aforementioned jewellery but be careful not to overdo it. Stick to a couple of must have pieces such as stacking rings and a chandelier earing's to complete the look in a classy and simple way.
Combining a couple of choice statement pieces with your layered winter fashion this season will be sure to make you stand out and sparkle against the white backdrop. 

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Jewellery ideas for winter 2010
Jewellery ideas for winter 2010
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