A Wonder Gemstone named Topaz

Do you wish to know the name of that semi-precious gemstone that is the symbol of fidelity and friendship? It is topaz and as the legends put forth, this gemstone is gifted has the ability to increase intelligence and creativity. Wearing topaz ensures sound health and spiritual development.
Topaz is actually a mineral containing aluminium fluorosilicate. Topaz consists of a hardness quotient of 8 when measured on the hardness scale. You can notice a greenish radiance when topaz is placed under long-wavelength ultraviolet ray.  

Topaz is available in various colours like fiery gold, lavender and pink, red, reddish-orange, brown and blue. Among all these, natural light pink topaz is the most expensive and rarest one. But blue topaz is most popular among women. Blue topaz is greatly used in jewellery. In comparison to sapphire and aquamarine, blue topaz is in expensive due to its uncomplicated production process. Colourless or pale blue topaz is passed through heat and irradiation to produce blue topaz. Heat and irradiation do not affect the value of this precious stone. Natural blue topaz is found in pegmatites rich in minerals. Natural blue topaz is pale in colour.

Blue topaz is mined in various parts of Brazil, Siberia, Zimbabwe, Burma and United States. Brazilian Imperial Topaz is bright yellow to deep golden brown in colour and is considered to be one of the most valuable varieties of topaz. Pale brown topazes are treated to produce Brazilian Imperial Topaz. Colourless or pale topaz is called mystic topaz and it reflects a rainbow effect.

Topaz is, indeed a wonder gemstone with so many interesting facts and trivia associated with it.
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A Wonder Gemstone named Topaz
A Wonder Gemstone named Topaz
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